Uspc dating codes

06-Oct-2017 19:40

This goes mostly for American decks and especially for USPC decks, but it pertains to others as well.

I tried to make this post succinct, and not go into too much detail.

Using the list in the Playing Card Manufacturers Article on this website, you can narrow down the years a deck was used these codes after they were acquired by the USPCC in 19 respectively.

I do not know if other manufacturers, who often also have codes on ace of spades or other cards, varied the codes by identifiable dates.

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The code is helpful in dating decks after 1904, the year it started, according to the Hochman Encyclopedia. Use the chart below to determine the year the deck was printed. Since there are many dates for each letter, you should first refer to the start and end dates for the back design on this site (for Bicycle cards). But, I have found evidence that the dating code was actually in use prior to 1904 which is why I have amended the chart to include 1900-1903 (highlighted in yellow, below).

Kei Izumi, a collector from Japan, found a Motor No.

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