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My first non-Potter related port of call is Brexit.

The EU referendum created a huge divide across Britain, but especially Birmingham – with more that three quarters voting to Remain in some wards and the same ratio voting Leave in others.

Eavesdropping on a conversation during the drinks reception held prior to Oliver and James Phelps’ Q&A at the Oxford Union, I am struck by a comment made by one attendee that, “it would be weird to interview them and ask questions about things they’ve done apart from .” Ever a sucker for a challenge, I endeavour to press the Phelps twins on a variety of non-Potter related matters, ranging from politics, to travel to football.

It’s when we’re talking about their rival football allegiances (Oliver supports Aston Villa whereas James supports Birmingham City) that I am struck by how down to earth they both are; Oliver has read a lot of autobiographies, and addresses the anxiety of letting on how much you know about someone whose biography you’ve read when you meet them, an incredibly humble anecdote which puts into perspective for me the fact that our idols have idols as well.

When I point out the irony of me, a self-confessed Potterhead who – embarrassingly – used to write fanfiction about Fred Weasley, interviewing the actors who played Fred and George, Oliver remarks, “I don’t think you’ll ever meet somebody who’s not in awe of anyone else, though.” Perhaps it’s because I’m deliberately pressing them on matters that are distinctly not Potter-related, but I get the sense from our brief chat that James and Oliver rarely get asked questions about the real world instead of JK Rowling’s magical universe.

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